I’ve started playing around with Twitter again. I still like facebook more….but when I’m bored its a nice quick thing to check for new msgs and whatnot. But one thing I dislike is the lack of threading! When ppl reply to me I have no idea what they are referencing! Well I have an idea, but I really like to know what exactly. For you twitter users out there any recommendations? Is there a way to thread msgs? Or do you use some tool to twitter? I’ve heard of stuff like DetroyTwitter and TweetDeck and other stuff. Do they thread conversations? Does using them make it easier to manage all the tweets? Any info is welcome, thanks!


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  1. Destroy twitter is much better than tweetdeck. πŸ˜€ It looks better to me, visually.

    The problem you’re experiencing is exactly what happened with me too.

    They all have columns for different statuses. Eg, there’s a column that has everyone’s feeds, there’s a column for direct messages and there’s a column for @ replies. TweetDeck gives a little chirp (the developer took ‘tweeting’ too literally LOL) whenever someone mentions your name in an @ reply so you can be alerted even while watching a video/ blogging etc because I forget to check windows when I’m doing something else.

    Twitter is fun! But as you can see by my comment, I have yet to master the art of ‘short and concise’ :haha:

  2. To reply to your post about weddings, I have so many also still this summer – including 2 this weekend — but which do I choose? One wedding will be bigger and surely have nicer food but the other one is closer by and saves the hassle of having to drive far in uncomfortable clothing…

  3. Specs: Thanks for the tip! And yes, 140 characters! I need to work on making more concise replies.

    Liya: I thought girls like dressing up?

  4. Just… stick with facebook. -_-

  5. Get a decent client and you’ll be able to follow the convo back as far as you want; Destroy Twitter at the very least does this.

    However the larger point is that if you’re using Twitter to converse in a way that needs threading, well, then you’re just doing it wrong. Use a forum, email or FB (*puke*) instead.

    • haha, I like FB πŸ™‚ But yeah I understand what you mean. I just find myself replying to ppl a lot and then forgetting what it was all about after a few replies from both sides.

  6. >I just find myself replying to ppl a lot

    Exactly. You’re doing it wrong :). Keep Twitter one-way and broadcast-y and it becomes much more useful. Use it to talk to one person and it’s less so.

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