Can you multi-task?

Test yourself!

I got 96!


7 responses to “Can you multi-task?

  1. No, I can’t 😦

  2. there goes 10 minutes of my work day….

  3. boba: Maybe with practise? I’m not too good myself but I finally was able to get to 96 secs.

    Mezba: Only 10mins? 😛

  4. haha…will have to try this later because apparently….


    Internet access to the requested website has been denied based on *******’s Internet Usage Policy.

    Category: P0 rn 0gr@p#y/@dult C0ntent –EDITED to avoid spam

    What kind of links are you posting eh?!!? hahahaha

  5. its pretty hard, lol…what ur highest score?

  6. I got 96!

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