Duas for Ramadan Days 1-4

One of my friends posted some Duas for Ramadan. One for each day. I liked them and will post them here. I’m going to try and put one up per day. It should help get me get into the habit of blogging regularly again, as well as a habit of dua and thinking, reflecting, even more.

Dua: 1st Day of Ramadhan
Allah during this month, accept my fast as the fast of those whose fast is acceptable to Thee. Accept my standing up in Salaat as the standing up of those whose Salaat is acceptable to Thee. Keep me awake during this month and free me from the desires of the insensible persons. in this holy month forgive my sins and errors, O the One worshipped in all the Universe. Pardon me, O the One who pardons the sinners.

Dua: 2nd Day of Ramadhan
O Allah in this holy month, bring me closer to Thy good pleasure and keep me away from Thy displeasure and contempt. Let me grow used to the recitation of verses of the Holy Quran. I beseech Thee for Thy Mercy. O,the most merciful One.

Dua: 3rd Day of Ramadhan
O Allah in this holy month, make me wise and help me to avoid sins. Keep me away in this month from ignorance and ostentation. Award me a share from all the blessings that you may bestow in this month which is in plenty, O the Liberal, Most Beneficent.

Dua: 4th Day of Ramadhan
O Allah in this month, make me stronger to carry out Thy commands. Let me taste the sweetness of “Zikr” (remembrance). Encourage me of giving thanks to Thee, and protect me with Thy most reliable cover, O One who sees everything.


5 responses to “Duas for Ramadan Days 1-4

  1. Hope your Ramadaan is off to a good start 🙂

    What time do you break your fast in Toronto? Just curious? Its like 6pm here…so its not too bad.

  2. hope your ramadan is going along well. Nice duas. I also like the Hadith for a Day that some friends are putting up on fb.

  3. Great, keep this up!

  4. Azra: Its off to a great start! Its just a bit after 8pm. A little long but it’s still going well 🙂

    Haleem: Yes, those are good too! And thanks, hopefully yours is going well also 🙂

    Liya: Thanks 🙂

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