On Monday

I’m going to have to get up early. Drive down to the Go Train station. Get off at Union. Get on the TTC. And go to work 🙂


11 responses to “On Monday

  1. CONGRATS GEEKI!!!!!!!!!!

    Its a sign the recession is over!

  2. Congratulations!!

  3. Congrats!!! 😀


  4. that’s freaking awesome! congrats!


    Welcome to the rat race! Now…

    Great you are working downtown.

  6. congrats…now officially not a lazy bum:p

  7. Isheeta: Thanks! And haha, maybe 😛

    Boba: Thanks! 🙂

    Liya: Thanks! Just for now I’ll keep the details off the blog but I’ll email you 🙂

    Ruby: hehe, thanks!

    Mezba: Thanks and oigh yeah….I need to start correcting my sleeping schedule.

    Sofi: Thanks……and hey! well…..I can be lazy for a few more days 😛

  8. awesome! Congrats!! I guess your thumbs will get a rest now? lol

  9. Congratss!:)

  10. Mabrooook~ May Allah(SWT) bless this new beginning… Aameen! 🙂

  11. Amir: Thanks! And haha, its more like my arm/wrist since lately I’ve been playing a lot of Wii 😛

    M&M: Thanks! 🙂

    Z: Thanks! 🙂

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