Beautiful Pantene Commercial


6 responses to “Beautiful Pantene Commercial

  1. wow…this was cool

  2. Pantene? What a waste of an advert 😦

  3. nice video.

    man you are on a roll blog posting, think they won’t allow you to blog from work?!! 😛

  4. Amir: I know!

    Shak: Yah….but its still pretty cool!

    Mezba: haha, I know! And well if not….I’ll write something and email it to myself to post later 😛

  5. This is really nice!

    Geeki, dude, you can post VIA E-MAIL. Why e-mail it to yourself when it can be posted directly?

  6. Hehe, yeah that’s true. But I dont know…in case I want to format? haha, yeah I suppose I can just email directly.

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