Hilarious Conversion Story!!!


7 responses to “Hilarious Conversion Story!!!

  1. funny….and amazing

  2. absolutely wonderful 🙂

  3. HAHAHA… he definitely has a way with words!!!

  4. What really amazed me, and this amazes me every time I read stories of converts – is that it’s the Quran that inspired them to guidance.

  5. WOW WOW… just got to the end.

    AMAZING story.

  6. “God loves me? My dod died!”


    Hilarious /end sarcasm.

    The audience had a rather odd sense of humor. I admit, some bits are pretty funny, but it’s almost like a sit-com at certain parts.

    But nice nonetheless.

  7. Amir: Very!

    MJ: 🙂

    Mezba: He does. It really is amazing! And yeah, I love the end. It really is just amazing 🙂

    Numerator: Well he said it as a joke so its funnny 🙂 And in the end the story is really nice 🙂

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