Really weird dream

I was soo tired last night. I slept through my alarm and sari. In fact, I slept for almost 12hrs! And I had the weirdest dream. Actually I usually don’t remember my dreams but during Ramadan so far I have been. And this one was particularly weird.

I was hanging out with one of my friends walking around. I don’t recall which friend. Some guy. And he wanted to go into this bowling place, Bowling A-Go-Go. I didn’t really want to but meh, he really did so I relented. We go inside and its quite small, only like 2 lanes, with no one else playing. But people chilling like in a cafe. But the first half of the store is a few racks of jackets. Apparently theres a dress code for this bowling place and you need to wear a jacket. So I’m like alright whatever. Now you can rent nicer jackets for more money or you can just use a white one for free. At first I thought the white looked nice but then I realied it had no lapels which made it look odd. But hey, its a bowlng alley, i’ll for the cheap free one 😛

So we get to the lane and I notice man, how ghetto after each pin we have to go down and setup the thing again ourselves? Lame! Ah well. We throw and walk down and then go down to where the pins are and suddenly its like we’re on this small boat thingy. And theres water surrounding us. But the bowling alley owner and crowd are still nearby. And the owner is like pay me or you’re stuck there. And I’m like whatever man, I aint paying you anything. And then this whale comes out of no where and start nudging the boat. And now I’m kinda getting freaked out. But we apparently have some food so we can pet the whales nose and throw him some food. But then we run out! And the whale gets more aggressive! So ok, we cave to the owner. And suddenly we have more pieces of food to give to the whale and satisfy him. Somehow we get back to land and the owner is asking for more money. Thinking hey if I got them to pay there I’m sure they can pay more. And the owner seems a scarier now so I’m  a bit worried.

But then suddenly I’m in this big house and I’m having a party with some cousins. So I guess I just lost that dream and started a new one? Anyhow so I’m just chilling with some cousins when this little like 4-5 year old boy shows up with some small relative of mine, I’m not sure who and wants to go home. He’s acting all whoozy and stuff. Think like a stumbling mumbling drunk guy but he’s not drunk just super super tired. So I’m like alright I’ll take him home. Apparently he lives directly across the strange house I’m in. No problem. Except, its like freezing winter outside. And not just that. Its like a small river of melting snow and ice covering the street about a foot deep. Ugh! But I manage across that and then up these really difficult icy snow coverd curb mountains and finally get to the house. And then the kid has to crawl through this weird ice fence thing to get to his doorway and then…… I woke up to go to the bathroom.

Really weird eh? Normally, as far as I remember my dreams are not like this. Maybe its the junk food and extreme tiredness?

Whats your weirdest dream?

Oh another old dream that was weird, I may have mentioned it on this blog before, is where I was a ball. Like just a ball. And I was bouncing from one wall to another in a empty square room with no control. It was actually kind of a nightmare, the feeling having no control whatsoever was scary.

Anyhow, oddly enough I must go now to buy a new mattress.


5 responses to “Really weird dream

  1. LOL, this made me laugh. Most of my dreams come true. Esp those relating to big life events, for example my A level results, the fact that I had a nephew. That’s freaky. But, yeah, I get dreams like this too. You wake up feeling tired-er than you were before you went to sleep.

  2. Very strange indeed 😀

    Instead of my usual finding treasure on the beach dreams this month I’ve been having extremely weird dreams like yesterday where I dreamt V was sitting on a park bench and winking at every girl who walked by while I spied on him from behind a bush. I woke up angry at him only to realize it was a dream. I think it must have to do with the timings of waking up to eat in the morning and then going back to sleep. Well, unlike Boba I’m glad my dreams have never come true otherwise he’d be in big trouble lol.

  3. haha….what an eventful dream. I don’t ever remember my dreams. Even during ramadan. I would like to though…they are just great conversation pieces. I always feel left out when people start talking about dreams they had.

    @liya…but if your dreams come true maybe you’ll find treasure, lol

  4. What I really like are those adventure dreams like you are inside some 80s Bollywood movie.. so much fun! And then when you wake up you want to go back to sleep because it was very … entertaining!

  5. Boba: Hmm….maybe thats why I’m so tired these days… and I laugh when I retell this weird dream too 😛

    liya: haha, interesting. And yaeh, I think its the odd eating/sleeping habits for sure! Makes me look forward to what I deam next though 🙂

    Amir: I typically don’t remember my dreams either. Just lately I have.

    Haleem: haha, I have never had a bollywood style dream. 80s american action movie though…..hmm I think I’ve had that. at least the car chases and stuff. Though I prefer to be the guy trying to get away from the cops 😛

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