Its getting colder

I don’t like it. 😦


8 responses to “Its getting colder

  1. i totally and completely HATE it!!

  2. AAAAA, its should be punishable by law to diss the cold weather! 😛

    Here we are in Pakistan, WAITING for winters… waiting… waiting… and STILL waiting. 😦

  3. Can I “like” this post…you should put this on facebook.

  4. shaz: me too 😦

    Specs: Spoken as only someone who hasn’t experienced a true Cold and Long winter could…

    Amir: hmmm, I wonder if theres a widget for that…

  5. Liya: I feel the same way…

  6. What are you talking about?

    Winter is when we take a vacation and go somewhere else!

  7. bah! bah to cold I say bah! It’d be nice to be able to stay here and enjoy soem warm weather too!

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