Say running running, say running running

I’m behind in posting, I know that. Part of that is because of my last post….though of course by not posting it means I’m not entirely successful with that last post….but things are good and improving. And at least I’m moving in the right direction. I really need to just take a bit of time and sit down and write some stuff down with maybe a time frame in mind. I tend to get more down if theres a deadline.

On another note, I went running this morning. Outside. The threadmill is much easier! And I’m already sore. I rarely get sore from the threadmill. But I’ll take it as a good thing 🙂


5 responses to “Say running running, say running running

  1. How was the movie you saw? I read a review today saying it was really good.

  2. Yes, a treadmill is soooo much easier. I haven’t run since before Ramadan and I am missing it. If you do hit the treadmill again, put an incline of at least 1%, that will somewhat simulate running on the road.

    It usually takes about a week of running outside to get accustomed to it, but the reward is much better….aahhh…I’m gonna miss running outside during the winter.

  3. I like the tread mill because it helps me maintain my speed. Otherwise, I don’t get as much out of a workout.

    Dude, I am so seriously envious of your cereal eating/ running stints!

  4. First time after running all the time on treadmill I switched to running on the road I was surprised as to how difficult and different it was! Amir’s suggestion is a good one.

  5. Liya: The movie (Where the Wild Things Are…) was really good at showing the mind of a 7year old boy and what he’s going through in that family situation. And the visuals were great. BUT the movie just wasn’t entertaining and felt a bit long. So….I don’t really recommend it.

    Amir: Man, I was still sore today!

    Specs: I’m thinking the treadmill I burn more calories, but since I’m more sore from runnning outside, its just a different type of workout. Hitting slightly different mucles in differnt ways. Beyond the core leg muscles of course.

    Haleem: Ya, it really is quite different!

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