CN Tower Climb for United Way

This past saturday I did the CN Tower Climb to raise money for the United Way. Its my 3rd time doing it I believe. And each time I’m doing it I’m like never *gasp* ever *i’m going to die….can’t breath* going to do this again πŸ˜› The first time I did it I took 23something mins. Of course that was like 8 years ago now and I was in better shape then 😦

Last year, I decided to do the run after well 7 years and I thought ok, I’m going to do well. I’m going to excercise and train and kick butt. And then….well not only did I not really excercise (only minimally) I got sick right before the climb. I ended up getting a time of 27mins which is….not terrible, but well its just every average. Slow side of average even maybe.On the plus side, I managed to raise $1200! Much more than I imagined or initially set out to.

So this year…..again didn’t get around to training for it. But I didn’t get sick! And my time? …….Again 27 something mins…..ah well. Maybe better next time. I finally am excercising a bit more consistently. Starting to play squash once a week too. So we’ll see. I also feel like the recession is still definitely having an effect. So far this year I’ve raised $200. Thats good, every bit helps. But a far cry from last year….technically I can still raise more money (til nov 20th)…but its hard to ask people to donate when the climbs already over…still if you’d like to donate you can use the link here ->




3 responses to “CN Tower Climb for United Way

  1. WELL DONE. seriously, the fact that youre doing it counts more than the actual time. but perhaps next year you will be fit enough to beat your own time πŸ˜›

  2. I don’t know how you can do it, I can barely go up the stairs (the gym doesn’t seem to be helping much). I keep forgeting to tell V about the squash.

  3. Sofi: Thanks! haha, ya, I know I can do better πŸ™‚

    Liya: haha, I’m sure if you gave it a shot (you should, its for a good cause!) you could do it. You’d be surprised. People of all ages are out there doing it and its not like its a race.

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