Some random stuff

Some random stuff since I haven’t been able to blog in awhile.

  • The TTC is an annoying pain with how its overpriced, hard to buy tokens.
  • People that wrap themselves around the poles in the subway when its full bug me. Hello, I need to hold on to something too! Not to mention, while I generally don’t gross out about touching public poles/handrails/etc wrapping yourself around it….ok, ya thats a bit gross now.
  • My favourite restaurant of the moment is the Donar Kebab House! Veal on rice with their special hot sauce is soooooooooooo good!
  • I got a new tv in my basement. I love it! Its big and my games and movies look awesome on it. $10-15 to go to the movies or $15-25 on buying a movie I can watch with others as much I want…hmm….
  • I’m going to a raptors game today for free! Woohoo!!!
  • The raptors have the best offense in the league!
  • The raptors have one of the worst defenses in the league :S  Makes them fun and frustrating to watch.
  • I am so exhausted these days. I really need to make myself go to bed at like 8 one day just to recharge. Actually what I’d really like is a vacation. Would anyone like to plan something and let me just tag along? 😛
  • I love chocolate. And I’m eating m&ms right now.
  • I’m jealous of the americans getting a short work-week and a long-weekend.
  • I need to buy some clothes for Eid.
  • I feel cold thinking about cold.
  • My coworker went down for lunch. In the elevator he bumped into the CIO and talked a bit. He went for chinese and they gave him an lcbo bag to carry it back in. He again bumped into the CIO on the elevator up. The CIO saw the bag and just smiled 😛
  • I got a $5 coupon for Chapters today. I have a whole pile of books I’m backlogged on reading but I’m still going shopping! Books are one of my shopping weaknesses 😛
  • I think I have an inner Pysch nerd within me. If only I had more time to feed him. Which reminds me I learned of a cool experiment on discrimination that I’ll post more about another time. I’m sure some of you may have heard about it before.
  • And I think thats all I have time for right now.

3 responses to “Some random stuff

  1. What book are you going to buy?

  2. Yes, which book? And what’s the experiment? And what games do you play? 😀

    I am also not going anywhere this Christmas, so perhaps NYC? 🙂

  3. Liya: I’m not sure. I already have a huge stack but have to use the coupon! haha Any suggestions? I want a real page-turner.

    Mezba: Not sure yet, any suggestions? I want something gripping/a page turner. Even if its kinda dumb, but something that will pull me in.

    Right now I’m just playing nba 2k10. But I got a new party game for the wii as well. Maybe I should invite the bloggers over for some gaming? 🙂

    NYC is always tempting 🙂

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