Boxing Day!

Boxing day was……….it was just ok. I like to shop. Its fun. Particularly when its for me! haha 😛  I hate the big crowds of ppl and waiting and oh man do I hate trying to find a parking spot! Its soooooo annoying. Anyhow, all I went out shopping for was movies and books. And I was kind of dissappointed, not a whole lot of great deals out there. Kind of makes me miss the states, things are definitely cheaper there. But I went about square 1 a bit, futureshop, bestbuy, and chapters and I did get a few things.

Some of the movies I got were:

The Wizard of Oz
Hell Boy 1& 2 (my mom wanted to see them)
When Harry Met Sally (an old but great movie)
Lord of the Rings trilogy (i know its long, but i like it)
Big Trouble in Little China (an old classic), and a few others.

I have to say I’m more excited about the books. Some of them include:
The Tipping Point
The Bottom Billion (a book about the poorest billion ppl in the world)
And 2 books I’m really excited about are a collection of stories from 1001 Arabian Nights! I`ve heard a few here and there but I`m more familiar with the mother goose, brothers grimm, and  hans christian anderson stories so I`m really looking forward to reading these and seeing what they are like 🙂

I`ll have to wait for a couple weeks on those though. I checked the store and it was just cheaper to go back home and order them online, from the same store! Weird.

Finally, I also go 2 boardgames. Risk and Mindtrap. Anyone want to play? hehe?


3 responses to “Boxing Day!

  1. I got a jacket for $20 from Square One (originally $75) and a pair of shoes for $15 (originally $50) from Eaton Centre 😀

  2. Jacket and shoes are my biggest clothing weaknesses haha, good deals!

  3. I didn’t buy anything except a sweater…boxing day wasn’t as great as in the past! I think its because there were so many good deals prior to boxing day.

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