Geeki’s top of 2009 – A retrospective

Some site stats from 2009

Top 5 most viewed posts (excluding Home & About pages)

  1. Makkah and Medinah – Umrah Trip (2610 – remarkably this post is 2-3 years old and overtime has grown to now account for a full 1/3rd of all traffic to my blog)
  2. When I get older, I will be stronger (312 – I’m really surprised this one gets so many hits)
  3. Duas for Ramadan Days 1-4 (192)
  4. Ramadan Mubarak! (134)
  5. Name that movie (125)

Top 5 Referrers

  1. Azra @ (217)
  2. Haleem @ (195 – sorry Haleem, you’ve lost the top spot)
  3. Isheeta @ (101)
  4. Google via (65)
  5. Tweels @ (64)

Top 5 Search Terms ppl used to get to my blog

  1. medinah (647)
  2. toronto skyline (511)
  3. masjid al nabawi (310)
  4. we are who we choose to be (248)
  5. muzdalifah (238) 

 Top 5 blogs visited from my blog (ie. ppl click on the blog link from my blog)

  1. Isheeta @ (55)
  2. Ruby @ (55)
  3. Liya @ (43)
  4. Miss Specs @ (34)
  5. Tweels @ (33)

Top 5(+1) Countries visiting my blog (with percentage of total site traffic coming from that country)

  1. Canada (23.10%)
  2. United States  (20.57%)
  3. Unknown (12.66%)
  4. United Kingdom  (8.23%)
  5. Argentina  (6.33%)
  6. South Africa (6.01%)

Amazingly (to me) I’ve also had visitors from: Malaysia,Germany, Indonesia, Tunisia, France, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, India, Ukraine, Morocco, Israel, Belgium, Japan, Turkey, Mauritius, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, Poland, Oman, Mexico, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia And Montenegro, Italy, El Salvador, & Denmark (and actually I know its more b/c I know China and Taiwan should be on here…but thats where my log cuts off)

Random stats:

  • I posted 102 times in 2009.
  • I had 15,383 views last year
  • I have 1,517 comments

I was going to post my favourite posts for 2009 but….I’m kinda lazy now, maybe another time. And although the traffic at my blog is fairly modest, I thank you all for visiting 🙂  And in the words of Apu, Come Again! 😛


6 responses to “Geeki’s top of 2009 – A retrospective

  1. Very cool post, I like this!

  2. Doh!

    Well.. I gotta highlight your blog now!

  3. I agree with ‘Liya- I like the way this post is all systematic and ‘cool’ 😉 Its the finance person in me. Well, thanks for sending traffic my way- I think I’ll make a blogroll once again- I miss those days when there were no Readers and you had everyone you read on the blog roll. Times have gotten easier for the younger generation, I swear 😉

  4. Great Stuffs 🙂 But I’m a little high from a little too much Vitamin B2 Complex. So does that mean people come from my site to yours or from yours to mine?

  5. ok ok, think I got it now 🙂

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