5 years ago

A month or so back my friend Anojan emails me and several friends a email thread from 5 years ago. It was pretty funny looking back at it. We were all talking about what our plans were for the weekend and the upcoming winter holidays.

I was at the time doing an internship in India and talking about I’d just gone to Bangalore last weekend and couldn’t wait to explore more of northern India.

Anojan was doing an internship in London and talking about how he might take a full time job in nyc from the same company.

Gabe, Seiji, Ben were talking about the world of war craft haha

Darrin was talking about how he just won two 20 gig ipods worth $500 each.

Hillary and Vince we’re looking at what ppl wanted to do for winter break.

And well several other ppl were in there doing whatever. It was interesting thinking back to then and how life was and the path we were all on and how….things are so…..well where most of are now is not something we could have guessed back then. Thats life though, you can’t predict what the future will hold.  And I also found it cool that despite how different our lives/careers have been we’re all still good friends and hang out regularly 🙂

Oh and I also couldn’t believe that 20 gig ipods use to be so expensive 😛


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