Where in the World??? – Round 2

Round 2! – Where in the World??   Round 1 was here and the answer is in the comments.

For another view

I’m not sure how hard this one will be…..so I might post another pic for help in a few days.

To try guessing the other pictures in the contest you can visit Liya’s Blog Here.


16 responses to “Where in the World??? – Round 2

  1. Okay, I’m guessing …er… France? Er…

    and Oh-me-Gawd, you totally need to dress warmer- your picture made me hug my coat tighter around me just now, haha 😀

    • Sorry, not France. Though they have a very nice gate too! And haha ya, I was freezing that night, but that was kinda trick for this pic 😛

  2. At first, I thought that it’s the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. But after looking closer, I would say that it’s the India Gate in New Delhi.

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  4. ‘India Gate’ New Delhi, India 😀

    I love triumphal arches!

  5. lol no idea, but somewhere COLD!!!

    • Hehe, that was my trick! Its New Delhi, India! I’d just spend the previous 3 months in south India though so going up north in winter even though it was like 10-14C I was still freezing!

  6. France i’m guessing France…

    • Hey Amniks170, Welcome to my blog 🙂 You’re the 2nd to guess France but sorry, it was New Delhi, India 🙂

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  8. I would have never guessed it lol!!! I thought it would be somewhere in the north of Europe lol

  9. lovetodaydream: hehe, if I hadn’t been there I think I would have guessed something like that too 🙂

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