Where in the World? – Round 2 Answer + Where Next?

So its Friday, yay Friday!!!!!! haha. And I believe I’m allowed to reveal the answer now. And if not…..oh well, I already did haha. So the picture for round 2 can be found HERE. Interestingly people guessed 1 of 2 places. The first being France which………sorry is incorrect. And the 2nd being the correct answer. That being…….

INDIA!  The India Gate in New Delhi to be percise. I tried to trick people by putting a picture of myself freezing but I guess it only partially worked. As for why I’m freezing in India? Well I had just spent 3 months living in Chennai (Madras) in South India and its like 25+ Celcius there. Then going to Delhi at night, in windy area, it was still probably 10C but it was freezing to me! haha

If you’d like to guess the pictures of the others in this game you can follow This link to Liya’s Blog.

Now one more piece of info. This past weekend, Sunday actually. I booked my tickets for my next vacation!  I can’t wait!!!!  Although I’ll have to since I’m not going til April. April 1st to 11th actually inshaAllah. So here’s a pic to show you where I’m going.

😀 I can’t wait!


3 responses to “Where in the World? – Round 2 Answer + Where Next?

  1. Can’t wait for the travel log for that trip!

  2. I guess your vacation pic to be hmmm Egypt!

    You’re so lucky! I want to hear all about it, and you’ll have to give me tips because we want to go there too 😀

  3. Mezba: 😀

    Liya: haha, yep! And inshaAllah

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