Hey How’s it going?

If you don’t share in someone’s joy, don’t expect them to share your pain. If you don’t share details about your life, don’t be surprised when you’re the only one who doesn’t know what’s going on.


6 responses to “Hey How’s it going?

  1. I had a coworker at a previous job who refused to share ANYTHING about his personal life. Nothing, nadda, zilch.

    And then he wondered why he wasn’t a part of /connected to the group.

    Its had to build and maintain connections when you know nothing about the other person. Yes, opening up about yourself also means opening yourself up for judgment and ridicule and general mockery, but you have to trust that most of the time things will work out to everyone’s benefit.

  2. Jana: I agree. Generally I think most people are good people and theres no problem being yourself with others. And I couldn’t really imagine not doing so. Work and life would be so boring if you didn’t.

  3. Did you know that whenever Tiger Woods was interviewed, regarding his personal life.. and I dont mean where they were digging for dirt, I mean just inquiries about how’s his family, he would clam up, and he would say its because he was a very private person?

    Well, now we know what he was very private about!!

    His zeal for privacy also meant that when everything came out in the open, people refused to feel sorry for him… and some news reports actually said that it was hard to feel sorry for a man who was always so guarded and refused to share anything about himself.

    So yeah, 100% agree !

  4. I like this statement…is it a quote from somewhere?

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