2010 March Refocus

So all of a sudden…..its March! Lets see how I’m doing. My resolutions can be found HERE. And this is how I was doing in February.

1)  Workout and try and get into better shape (more quantifiably: go to the gym an avg of 3x a week so 156x in the year.

Well February was an improvement over January….thats a positive. But I’m still not quite at my goal. So what to do? Here’s the plan:

  • On days I don’t go to the gym I’m going to make sure I at least do some push-ups and sit-ups at home.
  • To have more energy so I can go to the gym I need to start going to bed earlier. So from now on try to go to bed by 12. If you see me online after 12, tell me to go to sleep!
  • Eat better! I use to have  a system. I was allowed to eat ‘bad’ food on the weekend, when it was a social occassion, or if it was free. This worked when I lived on my own. Now at home…..everything is free! I’m eating ice cream daily! So I’m changing this to I can only have freshly made stuff or if its given to me without me asking for it.

2)  To read more (I have like 20 unread books sitting on my shelf, I want to get through all of them and more this year)

February hasn’t been as good as January. But its not quite comparable. Most of my reading this past month has been researching for my trip. I need to balance this out though cause I was getting researched out. Time to pick up a novel and start reading again. I bought this book called The Bottom Billion. Its about the poorest billion people in the world and also what can be done to help them. I think I’ll start on that now.

3)  Travel someplace new (I’m hoping for Egypt in April inshaAllah)

Ticket to Egypt is booked! Planning is well under way! AND can you believe the countdown has began! This time in 1 month I’ll be on a plane!!! 😀

4)  Complete the PMP designation

Sigh this is going no where….what to do? Here’s the plan. Just start! Today I will read for at least 15mins. Even if its just 15mins, starting is whats important. Hopefully that will get the ball rolling on this.

5)  Spend less time on people that aren’t really friends and more on those that are (so if I don’t know you, and you don’t make an effort to talk to me equivalent to the level I put into you, bye bye)

You know, I can’t even remember what individuals I was thinking of when I made this point. So…I’m going to say that this has been successful. And spending time with true friends…its not bad. As good as can be with everyones busy schedule but I’m fairly social and go out a fair bit to hang out with people. I’m happy with how this is going.

6)  Smile more

I’ll stick with my February comment. That is: :D This was really about being more expressive. And……its still a work in progress. Feel free to encourage me :)

7)  Take more pictures with people (with me in the picture, and more pictures with family)

Definitely not getting into enough of my pictures…..still have to work on that.

8)  Meet more new people (particularly a certain type of people :P ……..help welcome :S  )

No progress…..no plan…. I’m going to stop commenting on this. It feels odd to do so publicly and I don’t want to make everything else private b/c of this. Particularly when there’s no progress 😛 :S

9)  I will make a stronger, more conscious effort to be a better person.

Hmm…not bad….but I can still do better.

10)  I will try to do more, because I know I can.

Again, not bad, but I know I can do better.

Since I’ll be travelling April 1st, there will be no resolutions update until May. Hopefully all of you are doing great with your resolutions! 🙂


9 responses to “2010 March Refocus

  1. I’m happy you’re doing well with your resolutions! 😀
    This is motivation for me to really get going with mine, I’ve been ignoring some and we’re already into the 3rd month of the year.

  2. where you going this year?

  3. Er.. I can help you with the PMP I guess. I am also doing it… I guess. I need some motivation to study more!

    Good to see you are on track with your resolutions… now I gotta start making mine!

  4. Egypt is fricking amazing. I fell in love with Cairo

  5. Mezba: Sounds good, I’ll contact you to figure out a plan.

    Mash: Awesome! I can’t wait 🙂

  6. Just came across your blog…love it! You sound awesome 😀
    Have an amazing time in Egypt…best country in the world!!

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