Sometimes pizza isn’t the easy choice…

630 – Omar, Mohsin, & I are chiling at Danish’s condo in downtown toronto.

700 – We discuss what we should do for dinner and decide on pizza.

Danish: Pizza Pizza is right next door should we go down and pick some up?
Omar: Nah, lets just order it.
D: Calls pizza pizza. Hi can you tell me your specials.
PizzaPizza: Sure, we have a 2 pizzas with 2 toppings special.
D: Great. Could I get one plain cheese and the 2nd with 4 toppings?
PP: No, cannot do.
D: How come?
PP: Sorry cannot do.
D: I think you can do, but you won’t.
PP: Sorry cannot do.
D: ok fine, just give me… – places order.
O: Don’t forget the garlic dipping sauce!
D: Got it ๐Ÿ™‚

750 – Getting Hungry
Everyone: Hey where’s the pizza…isn’t there like a 40minute guarantee or something?

800 – Pizza guy arrives.
Us: Hey pizza guy, isn’t there suppose to be a 40min guarantee?
PG: Yes, you’ll have to call customer service about it though.
Us: Ok. So we call andย they put us on hold.
PG: I have to go…
Us: Well I’m on hold…
PG: I have to go or my next delivery will be late. And you’ll have to pay now. I can’t just leave the pizza w/o getting money.
Us: Ok fair enough, we’ll pay by credit.

805 – Setting up to eat
Everyone: Shoot..1 (of 2) pizza’s is all burnt.
O: And the garlic dipping sauce is missing!!!

810 – Customer service responds
D – explains the late pizza delivery, burnt pizza, and lack of dipping sauce.
CustomerService: Very sorry sir. We can give you store credit and will send you another pizza.
D: Well I don’t order pizza often. Can you just give me a refund? I have my credit card # here.
CS: Sorry sir…what we can do is refund you in cash.
D: Ok thats fine.
CS: Ok, you should get it within 40mins.

930 – Nothing.

932 – D calls Customer Service.
D: Hi I called one and a half hours ago about my order today that was late and I haven’t received my refund or replacement pizza yet.
CS: Very sorry sir, you should be receiving within next 20mins:

940 – We receive a call from the PizzaPizza fulfilling the delivery
PP: Hi Sir, the driver is currently in scarborough (40mins away). Can we provide you the refund tomorrow?
D: Huh? You guys have locations every few blocks. Are you telling me you have only 1 driver?
PP: Sorry sir, is tomorrow ok?
D: No, I just spoke to customer service about this and they said I’ll receive it in 20mins, 10 mins ago.
PP: Ok, we’ll have it within 40mins.
D: No, in 10mins.
PP: Um…ok…sorry sir. We’ll be there soon.

1100 – Pizza and refund finally arrives. (The 1 bright spot they brought 2 replacement pizzas).

D: Anyone still hungry? I’m kinda full on chips now…and its kinda late to eat now too..
Everyone: Nah, I’m good.
O: I’ll take the garlic dipping sauce ๐Ÿ™‚


11 responses to “Sometimes pizza isn’t the easy choice…

  1. OHMY. lol

    that beats our pizza waiting time. lol.

  2. lol
    Thankfully we’ve never had to go through that ๐Ÿ˜€

    But what a coincendence, we ate PizzaPizza tonight ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Hahaha. What a debacle for a couple of pizzas ๐Ÿ˜› And poor customer service. You guys handled it well though. I would have went down there and taken the microwave home with me as compensation ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. I had a similar experienc in London a couple years back. That was a long night

  5. LOL what a mess!

  6. Sofi: haha, well this was by far the worst pizza delivery experience I’ve had…..and at the same time….possibly the most humourous b/c of the absurdity of it

    Liya: hehe, its ‘usually’ such an easy option! Overall I dont like eating pizza from here often though… spoiled me for pizza

    Azra: Haha, for something else maybe. Or if we were on our own. As a group we kind of just kept laughing at the situation.

    Mash: If it wasn’t for the 1 good pizza and the snack food, it would have felt like a much longer night! As it was, we just had some fun with it.

    M&M: hehe, it really was.

  7. isn’t pizza pizza haraam because of contamination when they are making other ppl’s pizza??

    • Interestlying I went to a seminar on the fiqh of food and clothing a few weeks ago and questions like this were asked. The answer given was that ‘contaminates’ do not make something haraam unless it is a significant portion. And in fact it was discussed how all animals already have contaminants (feces and other items) in their diet that they end up consuming naturally. That doesn’t mean you can purposely add things like for example alcohol in cooking and just say its minimal. But things that are accidental and not purposeful are fine.

  8. Wow that is so annoying. I have really no patience for this kind of stuff. One time the pizza delivery guy was like an HOUR AND A HALF late, and when I told him about the policy, he tried to take the guilt route out and say that this is his only job and you know, he will just have to pay from his own income and he really has no money blah blah. Sad to say but it was a muslim pizza company too…

  9. I think you all enjoyed it. Absurd can be fun

    • haha, well we laughed at the absurdity of it for sure. And I think its better to do that then get upset, but we were definitely getting hungry too!

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