I still love this

And it always gets me more excited about travelling!

Where is Matt?

He’s travelling all over the world! Lucky guy!


3 responses to “I still love this

  1. Okay, I’m at work and can’t see this but is this the video with the guy in it who goes around the world?

    Just random guessing till I get home and can actually see something instead of a blank space 😦

  2. I like this a lot too! You must be so excited for tomorrow! Inshallah you’ll have a very peaceful flight (with good movie options!) 😀

    One of my students was showing me her photos of Egypt from her family trip there in December. The pictures were SO cool and it made me want to go there so badly. I know your pics will do the same to me. Looking forward to hearing all about it when you’re back!

  3. Specs: Correct!!! Good Guess 🙂

    Liya: I am! Thanks! And done packing with 70mins to spare! haha

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