Egypt Trip 2010

I’m back from an Egyptian Adventure – visiting pyramids, climbing mountains, exploring ancients tombs and mosques, sleeping in cabs, planes, trains, hostels, & five star hotels, desert camping, camel riding, haggling in the local markets, crossing borders with land mines, & meeting a super awesome blogger (Bibi-Aisha) along with many other really cool people – what an adventure!!!

Also my most intense and exhausting trip too! Normally I spend 2-4 days in each city. This time, aside from Cairo, it was 1 day only! Very very hectic tight schedule! But totally worth it! Travel schedule was something like this.

7pm arrive in Cairio

Explore the Pyramids & Sphinx. 7pm take 6hr taxi ride to Mt. Sinai.

Arrive at Mt. Sinai at 2am, climb it, chill, climb down.
Taxi 4hrs to Taba (Egypt-Israel border crossing).
Spend 3hrs in customs. Drive 20mins through Israel to get to Jordan
Taxi 2hrs to get to Petra

Explore Petra
Taxi 90mins to Wadi-Rum
Camp in the desert

Take camels out of Wadi-Rum
Taxi 2hrs to Amman
Fly to Aswan

Explore Aswan
Taxi 3.5hrs to Luxor

Explore Luxor
Overnight train (10hrs) to Cairo

Friday – Sunday
Exploring Cairo

Despite the tight schedule we did a TON of stuff. Pretty much everything but sleep ahha….which is probably why it all caught up to me and I got a cold when I got back…..which explains the delay in posting anything about the trip. But I’m better now (mostly) and I finally got all the pics from my friends (just today!). So I’ll be posting more about my trip soon (with pics of course!). I think I’ll break it down like this.

1) Traveling there & Pyramids and Sphinx
2) Mt. Sinai
3) Jordan (Petra & Wadi Rum)
4) Aswan
5) Luxor
6) Cairo
and last but certainly not least
7) The Video

I’m not going to explain what the video is right now. But trust me, you don’t want to miss it. πŸ™‚


7 responses to “Egypt Trip 2010

  1. Yay! I get a mention:-) You’re awesome too. All my friends liked you alot.
    I definitely can’t wait to see the video.

    When I come to Canada, I’ll be super silly!

  2. Oooh, ‘The Video’ sounds mystic! Can’t wait πŸ™‚

  3. A video? That’s something new, sounds fun πŸ˜€
    Umm can I make a suggestion… how about moving the video post to first… hehe. I bet you’re dancing around like the Matt guy. I hope I’m right lol.

    Now I’m going to be checking you blog every few hours to see if you’ve updated!

  4. Oh and you went to Petra, that’s so cool! We were watching something on TV about it the other day and I was thinking how nice it would be to go but it never occured to me to combine it in a trip like Egypt – now you’ve given me some ideas πŸ˜€

  5. Fantastic… now can’t wait for the Video post! Do facebookers get a preview? lol

  6. BB-Aisha: Hehe, thanks! You and your friends really helped make it an awesome trip. And it was also really just nice hanging out with all of you in general. Its too bad my trip was so short.

    Sobia: hehe πŸ™‚

    Liya: haha sorry, its gonna be the last part πŸ™‚ And haha, is that you’re best guess?

    Liya: Yes, Petra was fantastic! After Cairo I think my favourite part. Although Jordan is soooo expensive!

    Mezba: hehe, nope you get a preview of pics buts it! πŸ™‚

  7. always the last to read this. can u send me IM when u post plz. wanna see vid. concur with liya..think u should move it forward.

    im jealous.

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