Egypt 2010 #1 – Travelling to Egypt, Pyramids & the Sphinx

So on Thursday April 1st at 7pm I set out on my latest adventure, Egypt! Travelling with me this time were two good friends, Ali & Farhad. There were no direct flights so we got one going from Toronto -> Paris -> Cairo. We had just under 5hrs in Paris and I was very very very tempted to go out into the city. Just being in the airport made me remember how much I liked the city…but we decided it would have been very rushed so we played it safe and just hung around the airport.

Ali (left0 and Farhad (right) playing crazy 8 countdown. I won! 😛

And you know where, the airport has some interesting places 🙂

The Chocolate House!

But enough about Paris. You want to know about Egypt! Now normally when I go on my trips, I go kind of the budget way and stay at hostels. I’m getting kind of tired of that. And Ali and Farhad wanted no part of them either. Now Ali is in consulting and has built up a lot of Marriot points. He was generous enough to use many of them se were got to stay at the awesome Mariott hotel in Cairo.

Marriot Hotel

Me infront of the hotel

Also from our hotel balcony

Another shot from hotel balcony

View from our room balcony. There's the Nile!

The next morning we had an early start and setoff for what Egypt is known best for, the Pyramids!

The Great Pyramid of Khufu

It's Massive!

From the side

You aren't allowed to climb the Pyramids. But this helps show how big it really is!

Walking like an Egyptian? 😛

Walking from one pyramid to another

There are hundreds of tourists everywhere and all around us are locals trying to sell pictures, shirts, hats, scarves, postcards, camel rides, even just pictures with the camels, everything! I’m pretty good at ignoring them and they for the most part left me alone. If you aren’t as good….well they are good and they will be persistent! Ali eventually bought a hat from them (you can see in the above pic the guy in a green shirt now has the white headgear). He got one for me too. It was really cheap, like $2 maybe when converted. BUT he paid with a larger bill and got counterfeit money in return so you do have to becareful. Also be wary of people trying to sell you camel rides before you get to the pyramids trying to tell you its hard to walk to everything. Its not hard! Theres a bit of distance between everything, but its perfectly manageable. You only need to pay for the camel ride, if you want a camel ride.

There is an entrance fee to go look at the Pyramids….although we left through the back side which is just a regular road…so I’m not sure we really needed to pay…but ah well it wasn’t much. And it is the Pyramids! You can also pay to go inside the Pyramids. No pictures are allowed inside the pyramids though. Thats ok b/c theres nothing really inside anymore. Its just a large room as everythings been taken out and sent to museums. I started heading down into the pyramid…..and then I backed out (right before the entrance) and decided to wait outside while my friends went (they were back within 10-15mins). I don’t like tight spaces and you really have to crouch and bend over and stuff when going inside and theres a big line infront and behind you and people trying to squish beside you to exit and….I took one look at the entrance and decided ya, I don’t want to do this.

The backside of the Sphinx

The classic shot, I had to take it 😛

The side of the Sphinx

Pyramids and the Sphinx

Sphinx and all 3 pyramids along with a whole road full of visitors

Chilling on the pyramid

Crazy local kids climbing the pyramid. It may not look it, but they were really high and it was a bit scary thinking what would happen if they slipped.

Farhad, Ali, and I outside the pyramids and sphinx

After the pyramids we went to Al Azhar Park for lunch. Theres a really nice restaurant there called Citadel View Restaurant.  Aptly named for its view of the Citadel 😛

The view of the park and Citadel from the restaurant.

The restaurant

Inside the restaurant

I'm a little teapot....haha just acting a bit silly at the restaurant 😛

After this we had sometime to regroup and pack at the hotel before we took off around 7pm or so for a 6hr taxi ride to Mt. Sinai. More on that in my next post. 🙂


15 responses to “Egypt 2010 #1 – Travelling to Egypt, Pyramids & the Sphinx

  1. they say if you’ve drunk from the Nile once, you will go back!

  2. These are lovely… thanks. Takes me back to when we visited Egypt. It’s amazing how just looking at a pic can make you remember the smells and air and people etc. Glad you had a good time 😉

  3. Love, love, LOVE your classic shot… that’s really a great picture.

    Now we have to do Egypt AND Turkey!

  4. Wow, for some reason their size never really seemed huge, but these pics put it into perspective. They’re massive!!

  5. 5 out of 5 siddiqui.

    more more more please

  6. lovetodaydream

    Great pics!!! I want to goooo!!!!

  7. I really like your classic shot too! One of my students went andhad a pic just like that. Now I want to take my own 😀

    We just started our ancient Egypt art unit this week, this is perfect timing!

    Oh and I probably wouldn’t have been able to go inside either.. just reading about the small tight space is giving me breathing problems lol.

  8. deuceexmachina: I must have sipped some by accident then 😛

    Azra: It really is. And the same thing with smells, it brings back memories. Sometimes I’m at the airport and I can smell the dust/warm air/etc from the luggage off a flight from India or something and you can just tell where its from. Ok, thats a weird example but oh well.

    Mezba: You do! Its fantastic!

    Sofi: More coming 🙂

    lovetodaydream: Thanks! You should! 🙂

    liya: Thanks! haha that is good timing.

  9. oh, i didn’t realize this was a repeat visit. I still haven’t been back since 1984…

  10. I await the next installments.:)

    the classic shot is amazing! as previously commented on.

  11. Deuce: Oops, I meant I’ll definitely be returning one day, or at least I want to. InshaAllah.

    M&M: Its up!

  12. First of all, it’s amazing that you guys stayed in luxury at the Marriot. That’s a nice way to start the journey into Egypt 🙂

    “…the guy in a green shirt now has the white headgear.” LOL – I scrolled back up to see the picture!

  13. Dear teapot (you did say “you’re a little teapot” hehe)
    You saw the Nile and pyramids oh my.

  14. Nadia: Ali travels a lot for work and we were able to use the Marriot points he’s built up 🙂

    Sobia: 🙂

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