Egypt 2010 #2 – Mt. Sinai

So after 24hrs in Cairo we left around 7pm via Taxi to our next stop, Mt. Sinai. Mount Sinai is the mountain Moses (Musa) went up and received the 10 Commandments. Is this really the mountain? I don’t know, but thinking about it, imagining it, that was pretty cool. I also read somewhere that they have nearby in St. Catherines Monastery (the oldest working monastery in the world btw) the remmants of what they’re saying is the Burning Bush. The monastery was closed though (we got there on Easter Sunday so thats not surprising) we didn’t get to see. Anyhow, the trip to Mount Sinai took about 6hrs. There are buses that go but it just fit our needs better to go by cab and split 3 ways it really wasn’t that bad. Actually considering we had the cab for like 30hrs almost it was dirt cheap. We arrived there around 2am or so. It was dark.

Pitch Dark

Why did we come so late at night? Well because everything I read and from the people I talked to going to the stop and experiencing the sunrise from there is just incredible. Was it? Oh yeah! And from the pictures you’ll see I’m sure you’ll understand why. Now, I’ve read that the climb should take us roughly 2-3hrs. 3hrs if you’re out of shape. And by climb, I mean hike. At least thats how I read it. When actually doing it…ok yes, its hiking…but its a really steep hike at some points. And then there are parts when you’re just stepping on stones going up. Hiking I can do fine. Or anytype of walking. The muscles where you step up…..I need to start working those out more…. My friends are in worse shape than I though and one of them as a bit of asthma so we took several breaks. As you can see just by looking at them….they needed it.

Farhad and Ali taking a rest

Bedouins selling snacks and renting blankets near the top

The last part of the climb was the hardest. And I admit, I’m not one fond of heights. Actually scatch that, I’m ok with heights but I don’t like ledges and I always feel like I have terrible balance. So imagine going up a bunch of large rocks in the middle of the night with a bit of wind pushing you, you feeling freezing cold, and the rocks you’re stepping up truly being rocks and not steps, with no railing to hold on to, and all the while wishing you brought a stronger flashlight so you’d know you weren’t just about to slip off the side of the mountain…again at least for the last part. The first part is tiresome but not that bad.

On the way up

But we made it just in time. For then, then there was light!

Then there was light!

Sun slowly rising

And rising

And rising

Almost up

Good Morning!

And here are some other random pictures on the top.

Me on the top

Farhad happy to have made to the top

Farhad resting after the climb up

The light turned on but the heat didn't! 😦

Mountains in the distance

Looking for an easier way down...

Ali doesnt like cliffs

I really don't know what this is but I decided to take a pic with it.

After chilling on the top for awhile we succumbed to the fate that ok….we now got to get down from here. Going down for the first part wasn’t so bad. That part that was scary going up…yeah once you can see not so bad. I know I’m no longer on the edge. If I fall, I’ll probably only fall 8-10 feet at most before stopping myself, I won’t pluge to my death. haha. Really though going down wasn’t too bad. But it was painful. The rocks aren’t all flat and after 2hrs putting pressure on your feet at odd parts inconsistently starts to really hurt. We also choose to take the harder path down. The monks call it The Steps of Repentence. Its harder but it’s also very scenic.

On the way down

Farhad being evil

on the way down

On the way down

On the way down

On the way down

Ali and I heading down

still heading down

Still going down

Ali and Farhad coming down

Somehow we didn't find this re-assuring

But we made it down alive! It was definitely a lot harder than I expected. But I really enjoyed it. And like many things that are like that I said at the time I really don’t know if I’d do that again. Looking back now…..sure. It was fun and now I know more about it. I don’t need to do it again, but if I could I would. 🙂

Anyhow, I have to go celebrate my cousins bday now so I’m going to stop here. Next stop Petra, Jordan!

Oh for more pictures you can look HERE.


10 responses to “Egypt 2010 #2 – Mt. Sinai

  1. I like the last pic 😀

    The scenery looks breathtaking! I have a question though – were there other people climbing at night and was it well lit enough? I’d be scared climbing at night if it wasn’t!

  2. After chilling on the top for awhile

    Looks like you really were “chilling” – it must have been real cold!

    How come it was so dark? I thought (from reading yours and other people’s trips) that lots of people would be doing it so it would all be lit up and stuff.

  3. That’s a tough climb, but certainly worth the effort. Although I must say that I’d be scared to climb considering how dark it is!

    The sunrise pictures are beautiful! But I’m sure it’s nothing compared to actually being there.

  4. Pretty pictures.

  5. Liya: Yep, lots of people. Although our day (compared to another friend of mine) wasn’t that busy. And theres no light. But they sell flashlights at the bottom. And you can only go up with a Bedouin guide who also has a flash light and tells you which way to go.

    Mezba: It was! You’re hot from the effort going up. But once you stop your cold from the temperature and the sweat! We were hot again by the time we got down though. The sun was once again beating down on us. And lots of people go up, lots being 2-3 dozen+ I guess. At least while I was. But we don’t all go together. And all we have is flashlights.

    Nadia: Its amazing to be there. Pictures don’t capture it, but pictures capture a beauty of their own too.

    Sobia: Thanks 🙂

  6. Wow!! Sounds scary…but fun!

  7. GeekiSiddiqui

    HS: It was both 🙂

  8. I am really enjoying reading and seeing pictures your trip! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Oops, sorry , the above comment had some major grammatical errors, but you know what I meant, lol!

  10. GeekiSiddiqui

    HS: haha yeah I know what you mean. Thanks 🙂

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