Egypt 2010 #3 – Petra, Jordan

The next stop on my trip was Petra, Jordan! Ever since one particular famous movie, i.e. Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade I wanted to go see it. And wow its amazing! I got here by travelling by taxi to Taba (a city in Egypt bordering Israel). You then walk into Israel. Go through customs and everything. For me this took 3.5hrs. No its not a long walk…for details you can ask me directly, its another story. Then you take a cab through Israel to the Jordan border. That took 15mins haha. You then walk into Jordan going through customs and stuff. And then you’re in Jordan and you taxi to Petra. In Petra, we were going to stay at Marriott but we made a mistake and were forced to go to the Crown Plaza. It was expensive but oh well. It was the only thing available and location was super convenient.

And now I’ve been distracted for the last 2hrs planning my next trip (hehe, just a short weekend trip to NYC). So I’m going to cut this short and just post a bunch of pics.

Indiana Jones!

Horse riding into Petra

The 3 Amigos

Walking into the main Petra area. The rock valley/cavern was massive!

See the rock protruding on the top right. It use to be part of a huge arch going over the whole thing!

Btw pics are not really in order!


Hello, hello, hello

Some of the old homes

Almost to there (the main tourist point)

I can see it!

For some more info on The Treasury

The Treasury

I wasn't sure if I should post this but.....why not?

Petra was really big too. We spent about 5-6hrs walking around but it'd take several days to see everything.

Ali heading into the light

An old Roman temple

An old Roman Theatre

The Royal Tombs...pretty sure thats what it was called...sorry forget the name of this one...I'll have to dbl check later.

Just chilling and enjoying the view

Another pic of the Roman theatre

And one more

Unfortunately we can't go closer 😦

Or can we?

Made it!

Just another pic showing how big it is

Random pic

Notice how the cavern walls are relatively smooth? Its b/c water use to run through this whole area!

Man and camel carved into the wall. Many things like this as well as Idols were carved in various places.

And I have no idea what I'm doing in this pic but it makes me smile 🙂

For more pictures you can Click Here.

Next step, Wadi Rum, Jordan!


2 responses to “Egypt 2010 #3 – Petra, Jordan

  1. The pics are great!! I want to go to Petra – this is exactly the kind of thing I like, old stuff and exploring old stuff 😀

    BTW how hot was it outside?

  2. Fab pics, it looks like a lovely place – Ruins are cool 😀

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