Egypt 2010 #4 – Wadi Rum, Jordan

The next stop on my trip was Wadi Rum, Jordan! Why Wadi Rum? We just wanted to go camping in the dessert. I did it once in India and it was awesome! This time was no difference. Different, but still fantastic. We got there just around sunset and just sat and enjoyed it. After that the camp site staff sang some songs and prepared food for us. The food was actually quite good. The rest of the night we just chilled by the camp fire talking to some of the other people out there. I’m going to cut this short here (sorry I have a few other things to finish tonight) and just start posting some pics. I think a lot of them came out quite well.

Entering Wadi Rum



Drinking water. I just like how this pic turned out.

Random pic of Jordan while heading to Wadi Rum


Wadi Rum

Our tents in the Dessert

Around the campfire

Now I'm just posing 😛

Still posing


We went on a 3hr camel safari in the morning. Fun! I think I’ve spent more time with Camels than maybe any other animal (generally I’m not an animal person).

Wadi Rum

Ali falling off his camel. And fyi he told me to take the picture instead of help him.

A rock...what do you call this? Anyhow, we explored this.

Farhad, Ali, and Myself chilling in the dessert.

Zen'ing on a camel

Just chilling on a camel

For more pictures you can Click Here.

Around the campfire

Now I'm just posing 😛


7 responses to “Egypt 2010 #4 – Wadi Rum, Jordan

  1. I like the pic of you posing – it looks like you’re the only one around for miles and miles 😀

    This reminds me a bit of the desert safari thing V and I tried in Dubai but I like how yours is overnight, that’s really cool. Seems like a nice adventure!

  2. GeekiSiddiqui

    Haha, thanks. That was part of the goal of the picture 🙂 I think the pictures on the camel are my personal favourites though hehe.

    And ya, overnight is pretty cool. The sunrise/sunset is amazing, you should check it out sometime if you can. The one thing from your trip I still want to try is the dune bashing. Oh and also the sanddune surfing. Seems like fun!

  3. Love the last shot – this look to be more of an adventurous trip than the usual European vacation! Although I still await the Video …

    • GeekiSiddiqui

      Hehe, a bit more adventurous ya. Definitely more tiring. And yeah…..I need to talk to the video editing guy (aka one my friends) very little progress is being made it on it…

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  5. So far the pictures of the trip are awesome! Looks like you had a great time!

  6. GeekiSiddiqui

    Thanks, and oh it was definitely a great trip! 🙂

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