Egypt 2010 #5 – Aswan, Egypt

From Wadi Rum, Jordan we took a cab to Amman and caught a flight to Aswan Egypt. Arriving around midnight we pretty much just went to bed because the next day was going to be another very busy day. The hotel we stayed at there, The Keylani Hotel had very simple basic rooms. But the rooftop patio was wonderful and the price ($30 split 3 ways! 😛 ) was awesome hehe. Definitely help offset some of the other hotels we stayed at.

Anyhow, there were 2 main things we wanted to do here. Ali and Farhad wanted to go check out the Aga Khan Mausoleum, a central figure to the Ismali-Shia Faith. And I wanted to check out Abu Simbel, a huge Egyptian Temple. From Aswan you can only go to Abu Simbel with a police escort convoy. I think this is because its a fairly long trip along a highway with nothing else around so maybe its for tourist safety? Or maybe thats just what they say because Egypt felt safe throughout my whole trip. At one point we were only 50kms from the Sudan border though…does that factor in? Who knows. To go to the Mausoleum we needed special permission which Farhad was able to arrange before our trip. And luckily the timing for everything worked out and we were able to see it then join the 11am convoy and then take a cab to Luxor afterwards. All without feeling rushed 🙂  Ok, I’m just going to move on to pictures now because I’m feeling lazy.

The view from the top of the hotel

On a boatride to the Mausoleum

A building by the Mausoleum

The Mausoleum

The Mausoleum

Boatride back from Mausoleum

Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel

One thing we got lucky with was that it was a very quiet tourist day! Although its probably b/c most went in the 3am convoy instead of the 11am. It was HOT when were were there! This did let us take picture we wouldn’t have been able to get otherwise though.

Abu Simble

Abu Simble

Now you aren’t suppose to take pictures inside….but again…no crowd…..we were able to keep an eye out for security and take a few 🙂

Inside Abu Simble

Inside Abu Simbel

Inside Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel


Just posing 😛

Abu Simbel

Interesting note. These entire structures were picked up and moved! Over 200 meters. This was done to protect them rising water levels of the Nile in the area. These things are huge! If you want more info on how they did this you can visit the wiki link or ……well google is your friend 😛

Abu Simbel

Inside Abu Simbel

Inside Abu Simbel

After a very tiring day

For more pictures you can CLICK HERE.

Next stop, Luxor, Egypt.


7 responses to “Egypt 2010 #5 – Aswan, Egypt

  1. Drinking water straight from the Nile in Aswan was wonderful

    Send me our pics in Cairo please 🙂

  2. When I tried to tell my students about the moving of the structures they got a glazed over look in their eyes and couldn’t understand the significance! Kids these days don’t appreciate anything!!

  3. lovetodaydream

    With each pic you post here you make me want to go to Egypt more and more!!! LOl at the pic with the ankh? I think is called like that lol

  4. lol at $30 split 3 ways

    I still can’t believe they picked those up and moved them!

  5. Liya, “Kids these days” …. ?

    My, are we getting old? 😛

  6. Perhaps 😀

    One kid said “what’s the big deal, don’t they have better things to do!”


  7. GeekiSiddiqui

    Bibi: Will do…I know I’ve been a bit slow with them hehe

    liya: Hehe, there just too young to get it. Their own local lives are just a lot more fascinating right now.

    lovetodaydream: hehe, you should definitely go! And I don’t know what its called….I looked up Ankh and it slightly different than that

    mezba: hehe gotta love a deal 🙂

    mezba: i don’t like getting old 😦

    liya: lol

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