2010 June Refocus

So it’s been awhile since I did this. It didn’t quite make sense to do this the last couple of months but I think I need to refocus so here we go. First, my original resolutions are here. And this is how I was doing in March.  Since I’ve been having varying levels of success with my goals I think I’ll list some goals just for this month too.

Overall Goal Updates

1)  Workout and try and get into better shape (more quantifiably: go to the gym an avg of 3x a week so 156x in the year.
– The last 2 months have been terrible….but I’m picking it back up again. I’ve gone 3x in the last 4 days. And I signed up for Tennis lessons. Fun! Anyone want to play tennis?

2)  To read more (I have like 20 unread books sitting on my shelf, I want to get through all of them and more this year)
–This also really fell the last 2 months but its picking up again. I’m currently reading Freakonomics and its really interesting.

3)  Travel someplace new (I’m hoping for Egypt in April inshaAllah)
–Done! Woohoo Egypt was awesome!!! And yes, I still have a bit more to blog about it. Just got a bit tired. But ya I really recommend going there. And also yay for at least having 1 thing to cross off this list haha.

4)  Complete the PMP designation
–Still in progress…minimal progress…

5)  Spend less time on people that aren’t really friends and more on those that are (so if I don’t know you, and you don’t make an effort to talk to me equivalent to the level I put into you, bye bye)
–This was going very well. But I think I had a bit of a relapse. Life’s getting pretty busy these days though so just b/c of that I think I’ll be better at it.

6)  Smile more, be more expressive.
–You know, yeah I smile. But with people I know. I’m not an expressive person by nature otherwise. And thats ok. But still, I’d like to try and be conscious of this and try and be a bit more outgoing with my personality.

7)  Take more pictures with people (with me in the picture, and more pictures with family)
–Well definitely have been taking pictures hehe. And actually more of family too. Just haven’t been getting into them myself alot.

Ok, so thats the update….its ok. I can do better though. And more. So my ToDo list for June

– Tennis lessons end at the end of June. So before then sign-up for something else.
– After Freakonomics read at least 1 more of the books sitting on my shelf. Also maybe make a blog post of what I’ve read this year. If its less than 20 by the end of the year….I’ll not be impressed.
– I’ve studied a few chapters for the PMP, by the end of this month I want to have accomplished at least 3 more. Thats not very much. Also find out how to move forward with this through work.
– Organize something with my cousins. Just a movie or dinner night or something. We do stuff regularly, but its been awhile since I organized it.
– I want to start investing more. So find the right brokerage thing (maybe questetrade b/c waterhouse is expensive), research what to invest in, and then do so. Also have a meeting with friends to figure out if there’s something we can do together and then see if we can actually move forward with it.
– I want to do at least 1 charitable thing this month (a good deed for someone I know does not count)
– Oh generally, I want to spend less time online and more time outside. Or just doing other stuff, reading, sitting and talking, playing games, whatever.
– Oh one more. I’ll spend some time just thinking (I think I need that as a step) of my career and what I think about where I am right now and where I’m going.

And thats all I can think of for now. How are you guys doing with your goals?


7 responses to “2010 June Refocus

  1. Looks like your NYC break completely refreshed you!

  2. I want to read the rest of your Egypt posts!!

  3. interesting list. At least you have goals 😛

    btw a friend of mine that was working with me in Vancouver was telling me about Freakonomics. Pretty interesting, however, I personally couldn’t read it. Those types of books put me to sleep pretty quickly. lol I’m in the middle (ok..well just finished a third so far) of Sacred Games by Vikram Chandra. Its pretty good, long though, 900 pages, and hard cover. I recommend it though.

  4. Mezba: haha, I want a vacation right now…so tired these days.

    Liya: I know iknow, I’ve been slacking. Ok it’ll be my next post.

    Amir: I find the books fun to read once you start. But it doesn’t force you back b/c its not like theres cliffhangers and stuff with other books. And theres no character that completely draws you in.

  5. I love Freakonomics! 😀

    You seem to be doing better than me, re:goals. I haven’t done a lot this year. Egaaah 😦

  6. GeekiSiddiqui

    Um, I think you did some HUGE things this year!!!

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