Shake Shake Shake, Shake Shake Shake, Shake you’re…everything?

I’m sitting at work Wednesday afternoon after a very busy morning and….I just don’t feel like doing anything. And then…I start to feel a vibration. It just felt like a subway was passing underneath. But theres no subway line here…..I ask my co-worker Rachel. She thinks its some construction going on the first floor. Then we hear others talking about it. Monica jokes saying she thought it was George storming into her office haha. Oddly it seems everyone sitting felt it, and everyone standing is looking at the rest of us as if we’re crazy since they felt nothing.

Then we get messages that it was an earthquake and some of the other offices are evacuating (fire alarms and stuff went off). People on conference calls are saying others felt it in Hamilton, Toronto, Mississauga, and Kingston. I get a msg from my mom in Ottawa saying stuff was flying around her office but everyones ok and to check with the rest of the family b/c phone lines were down there (too many callers overloading the network). Alhumdulilah everyone was fine.

Apparently it was a 5.1-5.5 quake in Quebec about 61km from Ottawa. Many of the downtown Toronto buildings had evacuations and workers were sent home. My office? We talk about it for 10mins. And then we have cake to celebrate someones birthday haha. It was a vanilla cake with not too much icing. I actually really liked it. And then people went back to work. Earthquake nothing, I got PSR reports to complete.


3 responses to “Shake Shake Shake, Shake Shake Shake, Shake you’re…everything?

  1. haha, sounds like work for me too. But forget reports…THE WORLD CUP is on!! haha…can’t be going anywhere until the matches are done.

  2. Stuff was flying around her office! Alhumdulillah that no one got hurt.

    LOL @ celebrating a birthday after the earth quake 😀

  3. GeekiSiddiqui

    Amir: haha, I haven’t caught world cup fever. And I’m pretty sure they’ve blocked the streams too.

    Nadia: Yeah, Ottawa got it worse but it was good no one was hurt. And hehe ya, the cake was good too 🙂

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