Egypt 2010 #6 – Luxor, Egypt

After Aswan the next stop on my trip was Luxor. How did we get to Luxor from Aswan? Well we taxi’d most other places, why not again! So ya, Taxi about 4…I think it was 4hrs…..I slept a fair bit of the way b/c I just couldn’t stay up anymore. I did notice the driver got lost a few times though…was a bit annoying b/c of how tired we were but oh well. Oddly enough once we got there and had some food we didn’t feel as tired….or we just pushed ourselves b/c we only had 1 night there.

The hotel there was really nice though.

Hotel in Luxor

So after dropping off our stuff and freshing up we went out for food and just some random walking around. And look what we found!


Hehe, Halal Mcdonalds is great!

Just fooling around

We weren’t really sure where we were going but its fun getting lost sometimes. And we came across some interesting things.

Walking around we came across some kids playing football on the streets outside Luxor Temple

Spice store

Random hotel poolside shot

Performers at the hotel

Walking down the street

And of course with Ali, if theres random walking to be done at night…..its going to be in search of….a party! This however is not the easiest task when its a Wednesday night.

Empty streets!

Nevertheless, fear not Geeki is here and he will bring the party!

haha, we found this place, totally empty so we just posed for some silly pics

So what did we actually do in Luxor? Well we started the next day by getting a…… 🙂 Don’t worry not to leave! But rather for a driver to take us around to the different places. Luxor has a ton to see! I really liked it. I’m getting ahead of myself. Unfortunately a few of the places didnt allow pictures so…ya.

We started by going to the Colossi of Memnon!

Colossi of Memnon

These have been damaged quite a bit over the year. Particularly way back they were used for target practise. Still they were quite impressive.


Close up

Ali Thuggin it in Luxor

Next we went to…

Temple of Hatshepsut

This compound was huge! Most of it was destroyed by Hatshepsut family actually (I’m pretty sure thats what the guide said). And even still it was really big.

3 of us infront of the temple

by the temple

Peek-a-boo behind the columns 😛

By the temple

silliness by the temple 🙂

Very near to this was The Valley of the Kings! This was one of the places where pictures were not allowed. So…sorry. Doubly sorry b/c this was really amazing actually! This area was really big too! You know, everything in Egypt is just massive! The ancient egyptians lived larged! haha. So you take a taxi into the area. Buy a ticket through a huge crowd. Then take this little trolly-wagon ride type thing further in. And then you can walk into the various tombs. For the larger or more popular ones you have to buy special passes. So most of the Ramses tombs or King Tut etc all require another ticket. Still its not crazy expensive and you’re already there so its not like you’re going to cheap out now.

The King Tut tomb was actually….not that big. At least compared to the other ones. But it was interesting. You’re on ground level for the main entrances and then you either walk down a ramp or stairs to go into the real entrance. They lit it all up and they have fans running so its actually more comfortable inside than outside b/c it was HOT!

Ramses the……6? I can’t remember now was the coolest one. And you know what was really awesome? We got soooo much special treatment! It was awesome! The guards/custodians I think were nice to us b/c we ‘looked egyptian’ and b/c we’re muslim so they let us cross over barriers and walk into places that other tourists were shut out from (sometimes right after we entered haha). It was really amazing experience. We got up right close to some of the tombs, passages ways others weren’t allowed into, they even lent us their flashlights so we could get a better look at the hieroglyphics on the walls and ceilings. And this happened with various different guards in different tombs! Of course they all asked for baksheesh….I’m probably spelling that wrong but…basically a tip. You know what though, totally totally worth it!

There’s a lot more to do in Luxor but we were really wiped by the heat that day. So we kinda just spent time chilling at a restaurant, shopping, and then we had to pack and get ready for our next and final stop. Back to Cairo! How did we get there? Train! The sleeper was fully booked unfortunately, but the 1st class seater train was still really nice and the chairs reclined a lot. Not quite a bed, but not as bad as you’d think. I’m kind of tired right now so I feel like I’m skipping around. Cairo is next but I’d like to say other than Cairo, Luxor is definitely a city in Egypt I’d like to go to again. The others were really cool, but…once is enough. Luxor I think has a lot and I just wish I had had more time there. Oh well, inshaAllah there will be another time 🙂

You can click here to see a few more pics. And next travel post is my last stop on this trip, Cairo!


4 responses to “Egypt 2010 #6 – Luxor, Egypt

  1. Yay at the special treatment! Too bad they didn’t allow photography, so we all need to visit Luxor and see the place for ourselves now.

    And your “Just fooling around” pic is really funny 😀

  2. “Temple of what?”


    “cover your mouth when you sneeze!” 😛

    trip sounded cool though.

  3. I love how your pics are so fun!

    I also like how you finally got back to continuing your Egypt posts.

    And I like how the guards gave you guys special treatment, very nice.

    Did your guide tell you how Hatshepsut dressed like a man and was rumoured to have had an affair with her main architect? The kids like when I tell them that hehe. Anyways if you’re ever planning to teach art history, Hatshepsut is THE name to put on a vocab test, nobody spells it right 😀

  4. GeekiSiddiqui

    Nadia: hehe Special treatment is awesome! And haha thanks, I like taking silly pics 🙂

    Amir: 🙂

    Liya: Ya I know, I was slacking, but I’ve organized the rest of my pics. Now just have to post them, soon! And no the guide didn’t say that! Interesting. I think I remember the guide saying that the family turned on each other and attacked each other for power.

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