work and then….work

Sometimes at work you have all these little things to do and it just feels sooo tiring. Right now I feel the same way about personal life.

– need to reply to emails…never ends
– reply to fb msgs…later
– linkedIn msgs….much later
– need to blog (this covers that)
– comment on blogs…sigh….soon
– posts pics on fb…well i got that done
– do online banking stuff…..ya…
– complete online e-learning stuff……..hmm……ok thats work related
– oh need to send an email about nuit blanche….let me know if you’re interested
– need to go online cancel a course
– combine some videos
– post pics on blog

ok this is just a list of errands. a rather boring post. sorry. I guess I just feel that sometimes there’s so many little things to do….that individually are fun….but when you get ‘behind’ and want to do everything it just feels like… I guess it also doesn’t help that lately I’ve been bringing work home. Work is a lot of fun! Don’t get me wrong I’m enjoying it a lot lately. But it does get tiring.


3 responses to “work and then….work

  1. It can be overwhelming – but the right perspective is needed. This post reminds me very much of something I posted earlier this year:

  2. You have it correct to the t. This is the modern life..i wonder where all my time goes..seems like i never can get anything done 😉

    Signing off from Taipei =p

  3. Dreamlife: I agree. Life gets busy, but you need to be able to priortize and keep the right perspective on things.

    Viv: Viv! Welcome to my blog! You need to start writing about Taipei! I’m curious as to life there. And I totally know what you mean, I got a lot of stuff done but at the same time I don’t. Just have to pick and choose and have fun with it all 🙂 Or try to haha

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