Egypt 2010 #7 – Cairo, Egypt

So I’m super late on this. But better late than never?

Cairo was the first city on my trip and also on the last. And it was really during the end where I got to spend some time exploring it (beyond the pyramids that is).

So actually I’m going to let the pictures tell much of the story and justΒ  write a bit at the beginning. well maybe a bit more than a bit, depends what comes to mind.

I met up with a fellow blogger in Cairo, Ms Bibi-Aisha. My friends and I met up with her and her friend K (a fellow Canadian!) at a restaurant Felfela. It was finally some really good food, b/c I have to say the food in egypt….not that great. Anyhow she took us to this part of the city would never have gone to otherwise and it was basically an open mic talent night. It was in the basement of some building and we walk down and its like woah, theres like 200+ ppl here. And some how all of sudden we’re right in the front row. Anyhow, there were a lot of performances, mostly in singers and musicians, but some comedians as well. And mostly in english. The crowd was roughly our age too. Afterwards we just walked the streets a bit and hung out at an outdoor cafe and chilled and talked. It was really nice.

The whole night gave me a very different feel for Cairo than I expected. I expected a very conservative old fashioned city. And to extent it had that. And parts of it reminded me of India and Pakistan as well. But it was also this huge busy bustling metropolis WITH a great young vibrant artsy side! And that was eye opening and wonderful to see.

After doing a bunch of touristy things the next day at night we met up with Bibi and her friends again. We went on a cool picnic on a boat and tried some good more good food, I guess you really just need locals to find you good food. And then Ali really wanted to go on a party boat. Basically boats that go up and down the Nile and play music with flashing lights and stuff. Anyways, we go on the boat. And Ali starts dancing up a storm. But something seems a bit weird. And then we quickly realize. There’s a group of guys sitting directly across from us. All dancing together. And a couple of them starting to try and dance with Ali. And them all being very friendly with each other. If you get what I mean. It was so bizarre and hilarious at the same time lol.

What else? I think afterwards we just walked around and chilled at some cafe again. Ok its getting late. So I’ll switch to putting pics. I’ll just end and say this was definitely my most hectic and tiring trip yet but still Egypt was a blast. The people were awesome, the sights were amazing, and I definitely want to go back again some day, InshaAllah.

Inside one of the masjids

I just like this pic, I feel it makes me look tall

Random Cairo pic

The citadel

Random pic

Inside one of the masjids

I love the ceilings

At the war museum

Joking around at the museum

The Nile!!

The open mic night place

One of Bibi's (and now mine) friends, and the best comedian of the night!

Chilling a cafe at night

Another one of the performers

Ali buying some scented oils

The Nile at night

Picnic on the boat

Ali fooling around

And thats enough pics for now. But for more you can click and view them HERE.

Coming soon, some silly videos we took on the trip. I just found a new program to help me stitch them together so hopefully it won’t take long to put up. πŸ™‚


4 responses to “Egypt 2010 #7 – Cairo, Egypt

  1. I was going through your FB pictures and have questions: how did you manage to capture that bride/groom picture? I am so shy when it comes to taking photographs of random people. Did you have to ask them? And why do they appear like they are just casually strolling in a park?

  2. Um….I didn’t ask haha…I just started taking pictures πŸ˜› Of course I tried not to be intrusive. It was a whole procession or group of people walking somewhere….not sure where exactly….but they were having fun πŸ™‚

  3. I’m only coming across this now. The guys on the boat aren’t gay πŸ˜› I liked reading this post-nice to see Cairo through different eyes. And it brings back good memories.

    • That was an awesome trip. Thanks again for showing us around! Can’t wait for my next trip now, only 2 more weeks! πŸ™‚

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