Where do they go?

Hours in the day.

Days in the week.

Weeks in the month.

Months in the year.

And the warm weather too….. 😦


4 responses to “Where do they go?

  1. They go into the past – just like this present moment will too….

  2. This year went by way too quickly. I don’t know what’s worse… summer or winter. Honestly, I prefer alot of light and for that I love summer… but our summers can become excruciatingly hot and the thing about winter is that you can wrap up and stay warm… but in summer its very difficult to stay cool 😛

    Anways, I love your Cairo pics btw. When I went to the Citadel back in 2005 / 2006 – we went at a time when there were very few people there (it was around Asr and there weren’t many tourists). And it was so utterly peaceful, I remember sitting in the courtyard of the mosque – where they make whudhu – looking out at the city from one of those iron wrought “windows” and I never ever felt such peace in my life. It’s like my soul came to a standstill for a moment of silence with its surrounds. I felt feeling elated, it was unexplainable and it’s remained one of my favourite places on earth ever since.

  3. true.

    also the very thoughtful (and probably mind warpingly brilliant comment) that I just typed and hit “submit” and lost …. 😛

  4. Azra: This year has really been flying! As for summer/winter I’ll definitely take summer any day. Sure sometimes its too hot to do stuff, but in winter its cold and gloomy and it makes me not even want to do anything.

    And wow, that sounds like an amazing experience at the Citadel. It was pretty crowded when I went but still a lot of fun. I really liked Cairo overall though. It surprised me with what it was and I just really enjoyed it.

    Mezba: lol, next time type it in notepad then copy/paste and submit 🙂

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