Geeki’s top of 2010 – A Retrospective

Some site stats from 2010

Top 5 most viewed posts (excluding Home & About pages) of 2010

  1. When I get older, I will be stronger (19,987 – wow that is just crazy, its only 2k short of my blog home page!)
  2. Makkah and Medinah – Umrah Trip (3,697 – still remarkably considering how old this post is now)
  3. Istanbul, Its Constantinople time! (210)
  4. Berlin! (162)
  5. Duas for Ramadan Days 1-4 (154)

Top 5 Referrers

  1. Mezba
  2. Haleem
  3. Liya
  4. Isheeta
  5. Lovetodaydream

Hmm…last time I did top 5 search terms used to get to my blog and top 5 links visited from my blog but those are getting dominated by my top post and links to pictures so I’ll skip that.

Top 5 Countries visiting my blog (with percentage of total site traffic coming from that country – actually only based on last 500 hits…)

  1. Canada (17.20%)
  2. United States  (13.60%)
  3. United Kingdom  (11.20%)
  4. India  (5.20%)
  5. Poland (5.00%)

Random stats:

  • I posted 46 times in 2010…less than once a year…..terrible I know! (I have 412 posts total).
  • I had 31,721 views last year
  • I have 1,774 comments

Here’s the retrospective from 2009


13 responses to “Geeki’s top of 2010 – A Retrospective

  1. You didn’t include top search engine terms that led readers here 😀

  2. You have to include those fun terms! I got “Will you marry me again?” about a thousand times last year 😀

  3. I’m kinda surprised my blog was one of the top referrers (though I’m doing a dance as we speak) even though it’s been shut down for a while!

    Hope youve been doing great, Geeki.. miss you!

    • Hehe, your dance comment made me smile 🙂 Hope you’re well. And don’t be such a stranger, do you ever come online or can you only be caught on fb?

  4. wow I get top spot this time!

    The search terms are always fun – I got “how to make daal” leading to mine!

    ps. the first link isn’t working!

    • Fix the top link. And yeah, most of the search terms are all about my umrah trip so I didn’t list them b/c its quite repetitive.

  5. I’m surprised mine is one of the referrers too esp. since I haven’t blogged consistently at all during the last what 5-6 months? Looks like you and I both need to get back to more consistent blogging! 😀

  6. OK so I think I’m back to blogging… now it’s your turn!

  7. Less than once a year? Don’t you mean less than once a week? *I* hold exclusive rights to that once-a-year thing 😀

    I loved your Berlin post!

    • Haha, yes I mean once a week. And thanks! I just checked it……I’m disappointed the pictures aren’t showing up for me 😦 Its too much work to fix the links….oh well the link for the full album is at the bottom.

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