I can hear it

Coming back again.
Like a rolling thunder,
Chasing the wind.

Wow its been a long time. Ages! I’ve missed blogging too. Just sometimes life gets sooo busy. And even when you have time, you just have limited energy. And I don’t like blogging as a chore. I blog b/c I enjoy writing and sharing and talking. Sometimes its a 1 way conversation, sometimes it’s just to me, and sometimes many wonderful people leave comments 🙂   Whatever the case I had to wait till I could enjoy it. Like now!

So, its hard to return to blogging without being a bit reflective. And also from refraining from writing a huge essay and just rambling about tons of random stuff. Of course, I actually don’t edit myself very much on my blog. I tend to just write and whatver comes out comes out. I don’t plan. Quite the opposite of work where I prefer to be very short and concise in the things I write.

Anyhow, I was looking back at my resolutions from last year and I’ve accomplished a lot. Not everything but a lot. I didn’t quite go to the gym as much as I wanted. But I learned learned tennis and started playing badminton regularly, and of course I already played squash. I didn’t finish the PMP early in the year…but I got it done! And I got ITIL Foundations Certified as well. Of course now that I’ve done that….I’m not quite sure I want to do PM work anymore ahha. But ah well. Never hurts to have more credentials.

And of course I went to Egypt last year. Which btw I posted this video of my trip and I’m a bit disappointed by the lack of comments to the post 😦  Hint Hint!

This year, I have another trip planned. Actually my original trip was Japan but of course they’ve suffered a tremendous tragedy and I had to change my trip up. And I’m actually even more excited about my new trip now though. Where am I going? Well…..actually I think I’ll keep it a secret. Maybe you guys can figure it out when I come back and post pictures. Of course those who have me on facebook already know since I posted about it. Anyhow, how are all of you doing? (assuming this isn’t one of those posts were I’m just writing to myself…)


6 responses to “I can hear it

  1. Give me a clue!! You know I like guessing games 😀
    I don’t even remember my Facebook password so it’s not like I can go back and check. Come on, clue, I’m the first one to comment on your comeback. BTW when are you leaving, this post makes it sound really soon.

    P.s. the video doesn’t work (for me)

  2. Oh and it’s good to have you back! hehe

  3. Ooh I love this song. Lightning crashes-damn you chose the perfect song today. Wow that’s great that you’ve already met most of your resolutions.

    I didn’t make any.

    I want to play squash again, & start gym.

  4. Liya: It doesn’t work? It’s worked for everyone else…..hmm…I think it has anyways…..ok how about this link, http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xfm0gk_the-egyptian-dance_people#from=embed does that work?

    And I leave Apr 14!!! Just 2 more weeks! 😀 I’ll put a clue in my next post 🙂

    BB: Yah, I love that song too. Its a classic to me 🙂 And those are resolutions from last year…I’m a bit more behind on ones for this year…particularly for the gym, I need to work on that.

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