Do you know what day it is?

Today is………….

7 days till my trip!!!! Woohooo!!!!

For those that haven’t figured clues are:

clue #1: It’ll be hot
clue #2: I’ll need bug spray
clue #3: It’s half way around the world
Clue#4: I plan to view some interesting caves
Clue#5:I expect to see crocodiles and snakes and I actually might let some fish nibble at my feet…


4 responses to “Do you know what day it is?

  1. Well if it’s not Australia and it’s halfway around the world andit can’t be India (because I know you would want to go somewhere new)… it must be… um somewhere in the middle east? But that wouldn’t really make sense because I doubt they have crocodiles or that you’d need much bug spray. You know what’s funny, we didn’t get any mosquito bites in Costa Rica and we were in the forest most of the time…
    Anyways I think you need to provide a better clue!

  2. According to my calculations you are now gone… but I don’t know where!

  3. Back yet? can’t wait to see your pics.

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