If you want it

Ask. People are often afraid or uncomfortable asking for things. Particularly help. I had a conversation with my CIO the other day and he brought this up. I think its very valid.

You wonder should I or shouldn’t I. Maybe I can figure it out. Or I shouldn’t bother that person. Or you pass up on something saying to yourself its not that important.

I’m going to try and be more conscious of this for myself going forward. And then same thing for doing. Sometimes you hesistate in doing something. Although I’ve become pretty good at that. At least at work. I do what I want til they tell me not to :p and then I question why not haha

Oh of course all this assumes what you are doing or saying is appropriate and the delivery is also proper.

I’m hungry. Unfortunately I ate my chocolate bar last night so I have nothing in my bag right now. Probably not the best thing for breakfast anyhow.

Wednesday! Weeks been good so far and I have a good feeling about today. 🙂


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