I really like chocolate.
And Ice cream.
And Cake.
I love stories. Movies, Books, Theatre shows. I just like stories.
I want a big library one day. With Tall shelves. So you have to have a ladder to reach the top.
I am an Optimist.
And an Idealist.
I think too much.
I’m a quiet person until I get to know you.
I love my family.
And my friends.
Home will always be Canada (Mississauga!)
I`ve lived in Sauga, Waterloo, Chennai India, Brooklyn New York, and soon Toronto
I am Canadian, born and raised.
Did I mention I like chocolate?
Harry Potter is cool.
I sometimes give people too many chances.
I love going out to eat at restaurants.
I’m a big NBA fan (Go Raptors!).
I like Tennis too.
I play Squash. Do you want to play?
I like to blog. You can read mine here πŸ˜›
I love to travel. I’ve done a bit but I still have so much to see! The world is an amazing place.
I’m not perfect but I know right from wrong.
I’m trying to continuously learn more about Islam and improve myself.
I know very little about cars but I enjoy driving. Zoom zoom hehe
I like bowling.
I like to workout even if I’m not always consistent at going.
I like honesty and integrity.
I enjoy learning. Not assignments and essays, etc, but learning.
I enjoy writing.
I like having real friendships instead of semi-friendships.
I like board games and hanging with friends and just talking.
I believe in being a good person.
I like sarcasm.
And Humour and wit.
I like to laugh and smile.
I like technology and gadgets.
I like keeping things simple.
Even though I sometimes like to think of myself as very complicated person. Its not really true.
I enjoy arguing/debating but not fighting.
I sometimes ramble when writing.
I want some chocolate ice cream right now. Ben & Jerrys’ Brownie Batter…or Coldstone.
I like diversity and seeing other cultures.
I like music, of all kinds.
I want to learn how to play some instruments. I took trumpet for 1 year in grade 7.
I like to play pool. I use to be really good. But I haven’t played in ages now.
I like trying new things.


18 responses to “About

  1. your thoughts on ‘we are who we choose to be’?

  2. Hmm….good question. I’ll write up a post on that when I next have a moment.

  3. your likes are a lot like mine. cute blog!

  4. Hehe, thanks BrownGirl, I’ll have to go check yours out now.

  5. Ahh we are alike! In almost every aspect except

    I don’t really follow the NBA, I’m more NFL.
    I don’t know how to play squash.
    I’m not Canadian.

    I play different instruments, like violin and piano.

    And other than that.. wow similarities.

  6. Happy Hijabi: The NBA is awesome! I know nothing about football….squash is a great workout! And my condolences, but alas not everyone can be Canadian πŸ˜› Thats cool, I plan to learn an instrument sometime in the future…

  7. I sometimes ramble when writing.

    Yah, as proven above =P

    Liking your blog.

  8. haha, thanks and thanks πŸ™‚

  9. Hi Omar…. May I know u more ?
    I am from Indonesia

    • Sorry my name’s not Omar. And you haven’t commented before and since I don’t know who you are, you’re welcome to read the non-protected posts but I can’t share the password with you right now, sorry.

  10. I love the name Geeki Siddiqui!

  11. hehe, thanks! My cousin thought of it for me, I loved it too and ran with it πŸ™‚

  12. Ok, so maybe i’m blind, but why can’t I see the RSS feed thing?

  13. Salaams,
    I have developed a website on Islamic sites and am in the process of updating it, to include Makkah and Madinah. I was wondering whether you would be kind enough to allow me to use some of your photos. Any photos used will be referenced back to you. Here is a link to my website:

  14. I couldn’t agree more with the name of your blog name: We are who we chose to be. Well said!

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