Do you believe?

we’re getting deeper and deeper….til i can…deeper and deeper….till i can’t…

I’m so tired right now. Its not easy keeping in touch with people. I delete 17 contacts off my msn list this past week. Just ppl that I don’t talk to anymore. That don’t talk to me. Aren’t important in my life or don’t care about me. Its kind of sad. But I know I’ve made an effort and at some point its just like thats enough. Its not good to keep hurting oneself or bring. Even today, there a few different ppl I tried to talk to. None very talkative. Oh well.

My feet hurt.

So I’ve been talking to my cousin Rasheed a lot lately. About a lot of things. Life, religion, school, movies, pizza, bunch of things. I’m enjoying it. I wish I could have conversations like that with more people. But unfortunately with a lot of people its just hey, whatsup. hows it going. And they don’t care to take it past the superficial.

So many questions in life. One day.

Liars. Why do people lie. Well I know why ppl lie in some regards. But why lie about who you are? Why be fake? Why gain someones trust and feed them lies about who you are? Do you think trust can be so easily gained back? Foolish peoples.

I’m going to go to a conference tomorrow afternoon. Should be interesting.

I’m getting contacted about a few jobs. Its interesting. Perhaps things I should look into further. The emailed ones, I’ll probably ignore. The one my friend told me about, that I’ll keep my eye on. Though nothing to do on that for at least another month or so.

Anyone remember the book flowers for algernon?

I’m currently still reading The Historian (great read so far), The Virgins Knot (don’t say taubah taubah [if thats how you spell it]) its for my online book my club, and The Kite Runner which Sarita was recommending to me.

My knee hurts.

I can’t continue, too tired. Didn’t get so much done this evening…sigh. so tired. my eyes are watering from yawning….g’nite all.

One man with a belief is stronger than 99 men with interest.


One response to “Do you believe?

  1. intersting post….i totally agree about ppl lyin…i get very annoyed with it as well…sad 2 say i had 2 cut some ppl out just cause i had lost all trust in them…as for ur hurtin feet and knee..since im 24 now as well i know da feelin…haha

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