If I am.

Resumes are such a pain! It took me forever to update. But I finally finished and sent it to the recruiter man. Now I just need to research the school, haha. No idea if they’re any good yet but hey at the least it forced me to update my resume which is something that needed to be done. And the interview itself should be good practise as well. Last time I had an interview was about 1.5 years ago.

Why does cookie dough have to taste so good yet be so bad for you?

I upgraded or switched over to the new blog thingy. So what should I label this post? Random babbling? I think many of my posts might fall there then.

Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away!

I need to decide what I’m doing for xmas. Normally, its an easy decision. Go home to Canada. But my parents are going for Hajj. And my sister and nana are going to houston so…..I’d be returning to an empty house. I still want to go back to see my friends though so I think I might go back for a weekend plus a day or 2. And the rest of time I guess I’ll stay in NY. That’ll be……well I don’t know. Hopefully it’ll be fun.

If I am
What would you say to me
If I am
How would you treat me
If I am
Would it mean anything
If I am, If I am, If I am.
Now If I’m no more……..


5 responses to “If I am.

  1. Have you ever been in NYC during Christmas time? It can be quite lovely. Go to Rockefeller Center and be sure to see the Christmas tree and go ice skating there! I have never been ice skating there, but someday I’d like to do that (when I can actually skate for 2 minutes straight without falling lol)

  2. heylo homie!

    dude u sold out to that new google blogger thingy?! how could u! :O haha jk jk…looks cool..i guess :p

    ok cookie dough is the best stuff on earth yo! i eat that thing outta the freezer when we have those like ‘ready made’ cookies hehe….

    I gotta work on my resume too! eww..i’m soo not looking forward to that joyful project!

    xmas..mmm..i suck cuz i’d prefer cali haha and i dont care if it theres no ‘white christmas’ cuz once u dont know wut a white christmas is like, you dont have anything to miss! lol

    ok i’m rambling..i’m @ work, wuddya expect?! take care..salaams

    ~ madiha

    oh btw..i’ve blogged! :O i know i know..its prbly short of a miracle! lol j/k

  3. sarah:
    Last year I was here for all except the last 10 days of dec and first few of Jan. So I saw most things then. I tried to go see the Tree lighting but I got there late and couldn’t get closer than like 3 blocks away!

    um…skating…..I tried roller blading once…..I looked like those cartoons where the character is slipping and there legs starting spinning in circles trying to regain balance! lol, quite funny to look at but not sure if I want to try that with blades on my feet.

    Excuse me? You guess?

    Yes! cookie dough is better raw than cooked I think 😛 I’ll have a post on cookies later actually hehe.

    haha, white xmas or warm xmas, its the ppl around you that make it fun.

    Finally! ok, i’ll go check it out now.

  4. Someday i want to be in New York for a “White Christmas” and probably sing “Let it snow! Let it snow!” by Dean Martin..

  5. You should try Toronto or Ottawa Canada. Its not really much colder at all. More snow in Toronto but still a huge city.

    And Ottawa Tons more snow and so many winter events and carnivals and the river in the city freezes over and ppl go ice skating. its cool.

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