UCLA, Picking Schools, Cookies and Thai food.

So have you guys heard about the taser’ing incident at UCLA? If not go look it up. Theres a youtube clip about it as well. The super short version, a UCLA student is told to leave the library after failing to show his student card. He refuses to show the card and later the police taser him multiple times, While he is Cuffed, and escort him out. This is after he has already started to leave on his own accord. And he was not violent at any point before or after the taser’ings.

This is crazy! I won’t get into discussing if race was involved. Maybe it was (likely even) but I don’t know. Regardless, 5 or so taserings? Thats ridiculous. Violent force should only be used when encountering violent resistence or in self-defense. This case meant neither criteria. I hope the kid wins his lawsuit and the police involved are fired.

On another note. Trying to figure out where to apply is tough! So many cool programs. So not cheap to apply haha. If it were cheap I’d apply to like 20. As it is, I want to get my list down to 5-7 schools. Whats my list at right now? Its like at 14….argh. But the main ones are like Toronto Rotman, Western Richard Ivey, maybe York, McGill, Arizona…I don’t know anymore, Indiana (Kelly), Columbia or Stern…I don’t know…Darden (Virginia?…), Cornell…hmmm…., Austin-Texas….texas?…yeah…so choosing is tough…hopefully i’ll make some decisions soon b/c I need to get started on the applications. Darn essays won’t be writing themselves.

I watched Stranger Than Fiction last week. It was good, go watch it! Afterwards, I was craving cookies so I had to go buy some cookie dough and make some…yum, cookies! Though really, the cookie dough might be better than the cookies…its a toss up.

mmm….Cookie! (*in cookie monster voice*)

More Cookies!!!

Caitlin and Mike visited for the weekend. It was cool, I hadn’t really hung out with Caitlin since February or so. 9-10 months, crazy. Almost a year ago! Although she thinks its been sooner than that but neither of us can remember so I think I’m right.

Caitlin all upset she missed the cookies.

Anojans like, forget cookies lets get some Thai for dinner. Mikes like sounds good!

Anojan & I at the Thai place, waiting for the food.

And laughing at some terribly funny joke…which I won’t share. hehe ๐Ÿ˜›


6 responses to “UCLA, Picking Schools, Cookies and Thai food.

  1. the ucla thing, sounds like justice american style 2 me…

    anyhoo – cookies look yum, i’m a sucker 4 scottish shortbread cookies!!

    2 a brit – all those places ur considering sound cool, it’s so small here!

  2. But you’re already in the UK! Thats cool itself!

    I thought about applying overseas too…but I decided I’d rather stay in N.A and find a school with an exchange program.

  3. Chocolate Chip Cookies..

    Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime….

  4. Chocolate, anyplace, anywhere, anytime ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. cookie – and chocs – u guys r like women. hey ahmed if u ever xchange over 2 the uk – let us know!!

  6. Hey cookies and chocolate are universal!

    And no doubt, I’d be letting ppl know and asking everything about what to see and of coure where to eat. ๐Ÿ™‚

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