7 days to a new laptop?

So a few weeks ago my laptop was acting up and I sent it in for repairs to HP. Actually before that naturally I called them about it and after a few tests they decided ok, I should send it in. So first they mailed me a box that I could use to send it in. The box took forever to reach me. It actually arrived at my office (where I had it sent) very quickly, but they spelt my name completely wrong so the mailroom had no idea where to deliver. I suppose that should have triggered an alarm to me right then.

The box itself was also more like shards of cardboard than a box. I ended up using a new box provided by the mailroom guys instead and sent it in. Flash forward to yesterday and I decided to call them to find out what the status was.

After talking to the HP guy, apparently they’ve already returned it. They shipped it and thought it was done with. I’m like um…nope, haven’t got anything. The guy checks and it was signed by someone named HERON in Ottawa. I don’t recognize the address and actually thats all the information he has. signer, city, postal code. He puts me on hold while he talks to the UPS people.

After talking to them he tells me they don’t know where it is. How is that possible, shouldn’t these ppl know where they send stuff? I mean HP should have the info, and UPS well, how can they not know? So now UPS will work on a trace of it which could take up to 8 business days otherwise I’ll get a new laptop………..come on new laptop! haha Though I’m going to guess they will locate it, but for now, I hope 🙂


12 responses to “7 days to a new laptop?

  1. Wow first of all that stinks. Someone somewhere has your laptop and most importantly… that’s not you! I would’ve cried. My laptop is basically my life.
    Also wanted to say thanks for the comment you left on my blog. I tried to write things out and explain the best I could without coming across as “ungrateful” or inconsiderate. I appreciate your comment.

  2. Don’t know what I would do if they did this… but I would love a brand new laptop for no extra charge!

  3. Dear “Heron” from Ottawa,
    Oh no you’re still trying to get your laptop fixed. And no more bringing your work laptop home.

    My laptop was put to rest last week and that day I was going around the house pouting…a lot. So my sister gave me her laptop to keep! I felt guilt and insisted that I would give it back to her after my work presentation. That was yesterday and now I’ve grown fond of it, I think I’m going to keep it.

  4. Hope you get the new one 😀

  5. While this sucks…I hope you get a new one!

  6. Been more than a week! Did you get your new laptop?

  7. Happy Hijabi: Well it wasn’t too bad since I backed up everything before I sent it in to them. Its just annoying cause my old laptop which I’m using right now is soooooooooooo slow. And np! I think you can across fine in your blog, honest and genuine 🙂

    Haleem: I’m still hoping…still waiting though…

    Sobia: lol, well i have my old laptop to use for now.

    liya: thanks me too!

    ruby: thanks!

    B: Sadly not yet, I have to wait for a few more days to find out more.

    Mezba: Not yet 😦

  8. A few more days? That’s pretty bad service if you ask me! 😛

  9. Tell me about it! I’ll call them tomorrow to see whats going on…

  10. I bought a laptop less than 2 months ago, and now I saw the Acer One & I want it, so I’m hoping I can sell this one & get the Acer.

    I didn’t buy an HP because I was told the service is bad

  11. My last hp laptop was great, which is why I went with them again. But the newer one…not so much. The service I found was actually ok, in that they were friendly and nice, and tried to help. They just had a lot of problems with data entry which really messed up and delayed things. Next time…..I’ll just be looking for the best deal out there.

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